"Your destiny is in your hand, become what you think. So you should be very careful while thinking itself. How to be careful while thinking? For that you have to practice Vipassana. What is Vipassana? Vipassana is a training which keeps the mind in the present tense, as present tense is the only reality in life, where you realise life’s basic qualities like impermanence, suffering, and egolessness. How to keep the mind in the present tense? For that, you have to observe your own physiological process which will be there throughout your life. Which is that process! Breathing!"

Bhagavan Gautama Buddha

Om Namo

Bhagavathe Vasudevaya

Dhanwantharaye Amritha Kalasha Hasthaya

Sarwamaya Vinashanaya

Thrilokya Nathaya

Shri Maha Vishnave Swaha


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